To help understand the concepts learned in class, students are required to write poems about maths content and processes, or just about maths feelings.

Here are some examples of what is expected:

Adding Two Fractions

Adding two fractions
Is really quite simple
And much less painful than popping a pimple!
If we’re lucky
The bottoms are already equal
Common denominators!
Add the tops in a sequel
And there’s your result.
Oh, oooh no!
The bottoms aren’t the same number
This might hurt
Oh dear, what a bummer!
‘It’s still easy’ claims Ms.Maggie
Find the L.C.D. (lowest common denominator)
And make those bottoms equal
Then, if you change the bottom, you must change the top!
Then add the new tops in a sequel.
The answer must be simplified?
Divide the top and bottom
By the same number
From top to bottom
And bottom to top.
I got it, I got it!

Fraction-by-Fraction Multiplication

Fraction-by-fraction multiplication
Works by
Dividing numerators and denominators
The common factors of the two

But be careful:
Don’t cross out denominator and denominator
Or numerator and numerator
You must go top to bottom
Or bottom to top!

In the end find the product
Of the
Numerator and numerator.
Then find the product
Of the
Denominator and denominator

Now you know
How to find
The product of